Top Home Cleaning Tips from the Best Maid Services in Milwaukee

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Keeping the house clean is a full-time job. With our busy work schedule, family life, and everything in between, all of our day-to-day responsibilities stack up, and by the end of the day, it’s difficult to face all the chores at home. 

And if we’re being honest, doing everything ourselves isn’t just sustainable because we also need time to rest and relax. Hence, we have to be smart about coming up with practical solutions to make our life easier. For instance, hiring reliable house cleaning services whenever possible has its perks. 

In addition, having an effective cleaning plan in place is key. Create a daily or weekly cleaning schedule or checklist to serve as your guide. Then, check out these pro tips from our professional house cleaning experts to help you get started. 

House Cleaning Tips From Experts

1. Give your bedroom a quick refresh with new linens.

clean bedroom

Changing your bed sheets regularly is one of the quickest ways to make your bedroom look fresh and clean. It’s a cleaning tip that can be most beneficial if you struggle with allergies or acne. We recommend having at least two sets of linens, so you don’t have to wait for a wash and dry to be completed before changing them out. 

Here are some time-saving hacks for making the bedroom cleaning process a little faster!

  • Wash your bed linens inside out. When you put them on the pillows, reach in with both arms and grab the corners. Then grab the pillow by its corners and flip the pillowcase over the pillow.
  • Try zippable or fitted bed sheets. It saves time and keeps everything in place!

 2. Have a trash management system in place.

Trash lingering in the home for too long causes an unpleasant smell and is a hygiene hazard. 

clean kitchen

  • Before throwing it out, grab the bag and head over to the refrigerator. Check the use-by dates on the food in your fridge. Time to get rid of all those old leftovers! Clear out the refrigerator, and then bring the trash out. 
  • Make sure to give your garbage bin a quick wipe with some disinfectant! Pro house cleaning tip: deep clean it every once in a while with soap and water to eliminate disease-causing germs.
  • Sort and separate items that can be recycled or donated. Read our post on home recycling for quick tips!

3. Make surfaces spotlessly clean and sparkly.

If you’ve got a bit of time to kill, giving the surfaces in your home a thorough cleaning will make a big difference! Choose a scented home cleaning product and use a microfiber cloth when wiping the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It’s a no-fuss cleaning tip that does a wonderful job of making your home smell fresh and looks great.

4. Book trusted house cleaning services.

Have local housekeeping services on your speed dial for desperate times when you need to get a cleaning done but are swamped with work or would rather sip on cocktails or go on a vacation. 

BetterCleans is the Best Maid Services Milwaukee!

BetterCleans is a reputable maid service company with years of experience and countless happy customers to back us up. We have an exceptional cleaning team with members who are all insured, bonded, and background checked on your behalf.

We offer standard residential cleaning services and deep cleaning or moving cleaning. In addition, we provide professional home cleaning services in the Milwaukee area, including:

Why Choose BetterCleans Cleaning Services?

Is this your first time booking professional house cleaners? Here’s what sets us apart from other house cleaning companies.

  • No need to prepare anything. We bring all the cleaning supplies. 
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  • We have many qualified professional cleaners on our roster at your service whenever you need them. Book a cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whenever you please! One-time cleaning is also available.
  • Do you need professional deep cleaning for your kitchen or bathroom? Our cleaning team will do an amazing job!

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or your house is a complete mess after a party, we guarantee BetterCleans will do an excellent job cleaning.

Give us a call to know more about our maid services in Milwaukee. Make your life easier and book a cleaning today!

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