Home Cleaning Services Milwaukee: Top Tips from BetterCleans


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In our non-stop busy lives, keeping the house clean is a full time job. All of our day-to-day responsibilities stack up and by the end of the day, it’s difficult to face all the chores at home. We need to make time to relax too! There are a couple of solutions to this problem– one of which is hiring the best cleaning services providers if you are visiting the Milwaukee area. If you have not yet had a chance to  schedule a clean, here are some top cleaning tips to help you at home.

Cleaning Homes: Top Tips

Having a cleaning plan in place is key. Make a list and set yourself a time-limit. Turn on some music to help you get through it quickly. What should be in your cleaning checklist? Check it out below.

Tip#1 Starting off with the Bedrooms

Start by changing your bed sheets. We recommend having a at least 2 sets of  linens so you don’t have to wait for a wash and dry to be completed before changing them out. Here are some time-saving hacks for making the bedroom cleaning process a little faster!

  1. Wash your bed linens inside out. Then,  when you go to put them on the pillows, reach in with both arms and grab the corners. Then grab the pillow by its corners and flip the pillowcase over the pillow.
  2. Try zip-able bed sheets. Saves time and keeps everything in place!
  3. Get fitted sheets. It makes life easier when it comes to cleaning bedrooms.

Tip#2 The Trash

Trash lingering in the home for too long causes a smell and is a hygiene hazard. Before you throw it out, grab the bag and head over to the refrigerator. Check the use-by dates on the food in your fridge. Time to get rid of all those old leftovers! Clear out the fridge and then bring the trash out. Make sure to give your garbage bin a quick wipe with some disinfectant! Always keep in mind that some of these items are recyclable and can be thrown out separately.

Tip #3 Sparkling Surfaces

If you are stuck for time, giving the surfaces in your home a clean is a quick and easy way to make a big difference! Choose a scented cleaning product and use microfiber cloth to give the kitchen and bathroom surfaces a quick clean. They place will be smelling and looking great in no time!

Tip #4 Book with BetterCleans

Cleaning is what we do! If you want the best cleaning services company in Milwaukee, choose BetterCleans. Get a quote and book with us in just 60 seconds so you can free up your time to do what you love! BetterCleans provides the best home cleaning services in Milwaukee. Easy booking, expert cleaners and great prices!


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