Cleaning Tips: Recycle More Effectively in 7 Easy Steps | BetterCleans Milwaukee


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RECYCLING | Bettercleans

 Home Cleaning Services in Milwaukee

As  a premium house cleaning services provider in Milwaukee, BetterCleans aims to provide excellent home cleaning services to our customers and tips on being environmentally conscious too. Currently, recycling is a hot topic among our customers and with plastic waste being such a major issue; we wanted to help make things easier for people to have a cleaner home and a cleaner environment.

How to Recycle for a Cleaner Home and Cleaner Environment?


Discussions with customers highlighted that sometimes, recycling can be difficult. What can and cannot be recycled? What are the unique recycling standards for Milwaukee? These questions and more mean that sometimes, recycling in the home is not as effective as it can be.  So, we created a new infographic which shows how in just 7 steps, you can be on your way to recycling more effectively, having a cleaner home and more importantly, a cleaner environment.

Trusted Cleaners in Milwaukee

In addition to cleaning services, BetterCleans aims to provide our customers with useful tips for the entire home to ensure it is not just a squeaky clean home, but also a safe, tidy and environmentally conscious home. 

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