Deep Cleaning Vs. Standard Cleaning: What is a Deep Clean & How Often Do You Need One?

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Have you noticed your home looking a bit dingy or smelling musty, even though you clean (or have a maid visit) every week? If you have, your house may be overdue for a deep cleaning. During a deep clean, our Milwaukee maids thoroughly tidy, scrub, and sanitize a home from top to bottom, paying special attention to areas that are often missed during standard cleaning, like baseboards and the back of appliances so there is no need for you to learn how to clean. This process is necessary to remove dust (and other allergens) from indoor air, eliminate hidden mold and bacteria, and restore a bright, fresh feeling to your residence.

            Though it’s possible to deep clean your own home, most people hire a professional cleaner to complete this job for them because it’s so time-consuming and work-intensive. Many cleaning services (including Better Cleans) are happy to provide deep cleans on an as-needed basis, without requiring clients to sign up for weekly appointments, so this option is both affordable and practical for the average housekeeper. To get an idea of what you’ll receive when you hire a maid for deep cleaning, you can check out the guide below or contact us to discuss your options and make an appointment to help us declutter your home.

What’s the Difference Between a Deep Clean and a Standard Clean?

Standard cleaning, also known as maintenance cleaning, is meant to keep a home neat and hygienic. It typically consists of the following weekly tasks:

-Tidying common areas and making beds

-Cleaning floors

-Washing dishes

-Scrubbing and sanitizing surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms (including mirrors and appliance exteriors)

-Taking out the trash

-Dusting and vacuuming

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is meant to be extremely thorough and comprehensive. During deep cleaning, your maid will go over every inch of your home, cleaning all of the little details and hard-to-reach places that are typically overlooked during routine cleaning, such as:

-Cleaning corners and baseboards

-Washing walls and ceiling fixtures

-Cleaning and sanitizing doors, doorknobs, and light switches

-Cleaning inside kitchen and bedroom cabinets

-Polishing stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures

-Cleaning under and behind furniture and appliances

How Long Does Deep Cleaning Take?

            The total duration of a deep clean depends on the size of your home. Typically, it will take about two hours to clean a 1000 square foot house or apartment, while homes between 2000-3000 square feet will require at least a three hour cleaning session. For this reason, you can probably expect to pay roughly double the rate of a standard clean for a deep clean, but you should always check beforehand to verify the cost of this service. Choosing a cleaning service that offers clear flat rates for deep cleans is the best way to avoid being surprised by unexpected costs.

            Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to be home while your residence is being cleaned. You can easily have a deep clean performed while you’re at work, for example, to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your normal daily activities. Just make sure you hire a licensed, bonded maid from a reputable cleaning service to avoid encountering any security issues.

Does Deep Cleaning Include Standard Cleaning?

            Yes, our deep cleaning packages include everything that’s provided during a standard cleaning appointment, plus a number of extra cleaning services. The only areas that aren’t covered by a traditional deep clean are windows and the inside of the stove and fridge. However, if you would like to add these extras to your deep cleaning package, they’re available for a small additional fee.

How Often Should a House Be Deep Cleaned?

            Unless you have allergies or a compromised immune system, you probably don’t need to have your home deep cleaned very often. Most experts recommend having your house professionally deep cleaned twice a year if you live alone, or once every three months if you have children or pets. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule: If you’re planning on moving, you should have your residence deep cleaned before you put your home on the market or have your landlord conduct a final inspection. In many cases, having a rental property deep cleaned before moving is the best way to make sure you get your security deposit back. Your landlord will also appreciate the gesture, which increases the likelihood that he (or she) will provide you with a glowing reference. If you’re selling your home and don’t have the budget to completely renovate it, deep cleaning is a great way to make old finishes look bright and new again.

            We also recommend having your home deep cleaned after hosting big gatherings or having relatives stay over. Likewise, you may wish to go the extra mile with cleaning if you’re planning to have an important guest over, such as your boss or a first date, and you want to make a positive impression on them.

Does Your Home Need Deep Cleaning? Try Our Affordable Cleaning Services in Milwaukee

            Whether you’re spring cleaning, preparing to move, or you just feel ready to make a positive change in your environment, our deep cleaning services can make your home feel as fresh as the day you moved in. To arrange a deep cleaning appointment with us, use our convenient online booking form or call our licensed, bonded maids in Milwaukee at 414-215-9698. We look forward to meeting you and showing you the difference deep cleaning can make.

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