How to Keep Your Home Tidy Until the House Cleaners’ Next Visit

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When you get home from work, you’re tired as hell. Screaming kids and a messy house welcome you. But, as much as you want to chill and put your feet up for the rest of the day, you can’t because you still have to clean the house. We all know this situation too well, and it’s genuinely one of the most frustrating realities of adulthood. 

Fortunately, life can get better when you call a house cleaner from the best maid services in Milwaukee WI to deep clean on your behalf. But here’s every busy homeowner’s million-dollar question: how do you keep your home tidy until the housekeeping services come back?

Don’t fret; we got you covered. Read this blog for practical cleaning tips to maintain the quality work of your favorite professional home cleaning service. 

Easy Home Cleaning Tips 

Here’s a list of what you can do in between the next time your house cleaner comes in.

1. Get rid of clutter.

There are so many tricks in the home cleaning playbook, but the first thing you think about is decluttering. What do you have in your house right now that you can throw out? Maybe there are old clothes or a tired saucepan you got for your wedding 30 years ago. It’s time to get rid of those artifacts and make a start on your new life in your clean home.

2. Put everything in its proper place. 

Woman sorting laundry while talking on the phone

The whole house looks disorganized and chaotic when there are toys, dirty clothes, and whatnots scattered on the floor and other visible surfaces. So here are a few home cleaning tips before your trusted house cleaning team comes back.

  • Don’t keep personal items in the living space. 
  • Put a catch-all container in different places around the house that typically accumulates clutter, including the living room and entryway. 
  • Fold your work clothes and put them away when you come in. 

3. Focus on the psychology of house cleaning

Do you hate or dread cleaning? No judgment here. A lot of people are in the same boat as you. Most of the time, it’s best to look into the psychology of cleaning to get motivated.

So, a huge part of loving home cleaning is how you think and feel about it. How much better will I feel if my house is neat? How much better will my guests think of me? What does it mean to you? What effects are you expecting? Will you feel less stressed or anxious after cleaning? Are you after the aesthetic benefits or fresh smell after deep cleaning? These are just some thoughts most people associate cleaning with. 

In some aspects, we can also shift our notion about cleaning into something easy and not dreadfully intimidating. Getting into the habit of the “clean as you go” mentality is a remarkable example. You’re doing an excellent job cleaning and preventing the mess from piling up without knowing it.

4. Make house cleaning a team effort. 

Father and son cleaning the house.

If you’ve got other family members staying with you at home, it’s essential to get them involved. This way, you won’t feel burdened to do all the chores yourself until the home cleaning services save the day for you again.

So, check out these cleaning tips for the whole family.

  • Create a cleaning to-do list with assignments for each family member.  
  • Delegate the dishwashing and kitchen cleaning to your husband on weekends.
  • Ask kids to clean up, pick up, and put away toys when they’re done.
  • Reward them when they do their share of tasks or when they manage to keep the house clean for a while to reinforce positive behavior.

With everyone helping, you’ll have a higher chance of having a happy and healthy home longer until you can book residential cleaning services again.

Hire Only The Best Maid Services Milwaukee 

But you know what’s the best cleaning tip we can give?

Cut yourself some slack and leave the dirty work to your professional house cleaner. Now, not all house cleaning companies are the same. While most show almost the same cleaning services on their website, not everyone delivers and does a wonderful thorough cleaning job.

BetterCleans has a fantastic track record of providing house cleaning services in Milwaukee WI. We have a highly trained cleaning tea who are all insured, bonded, and background-checked. Whether you need a standard cleaning service, deep cleaning, or move-in cleaning, rest assured you’ll get nothing but the best maid service in town.

So give us a call or talk to us online for booking details and a free estimate.

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