Get Your Carpets Looking Their Best!

Carpets are one of the most important investments in your home. They provide comfort, warmth, and style, but they can also get dirty and stained over time. Gone are the days when caring for your carpets at home means shelling out lots of cash for expensive professional services. BetterCleans can transform your carpets into looking and smelling their best. 

Whether you need your carpets cleaned for a special occasion or routine care, we can help. We offer same-day, on-the-spot carpet cleaning services in Milwaukee so you won’t have to wait long to get them back.

Our Carpet Cleaning Is an Ideal Solution If You...

  • Don’t want unpleasant odors and musty smells lingering at home
  • Want to say goodbye to stubborn stains and other challenging spots to clean on your carpet
  • Prefer to save time, money, and effort because you don’t have to rent or buy equipment, mix cleaning solutions, experiment, or scrub your carpets

Pro vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning

There are many benefits to booking professional carpet cleaning services over doing it yourself. The cleaning experts we work with have access to tools and techniques that extracts even the most embedded dirt, grime, and allergens that you may not be able to remove on your own and with less chance of damaging your precious carpets in the process.

Get Quick Allergy Relief

Have you been taking more Benadryl lately? It’s probably your dusty and dingy carpets at home! Carpets are made of fabric woven with tiny fibers that are just magnets for dust, dirt, and even pet fur and dander. Without cleaning them properly and regularly, they can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers. But before you risk a flare-up by removing or cleaning them yourself, why not experience the difference by letting our professional cleaning partners take care of them for you?

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Methods

Thinking twice about booking a professional house cleaning or carpet cleaning because you’re scared about exposing your pets to harsh chemicals? No problem! At BetterCleans, we love and care about furry members of your fam, too. Let us know if this is a concern when scheduling a cleaning appointment with us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find a trusted cleaning partner that uses pet-friendly supplies.

Why Choose BetterCleans Cleaning Service?

5-Star Customer Service

BetterCleans has an impressive positive rating and feedback score from verified house cleaning customers we worked with over the years.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers’ loyalty is the most important aspect of our company’s success. That’s why we strive to provide you with a smooth and pleasant experience  every time, so you can keep choosing BetterCleans. 

Best Value for Money

Enjoy first-class home cleaning without breaking the bank. We offer fair and flat-rate pricing without hidden fees and contracts tying you down for a minimum number of cleans.

Strict Background Checks for Cleaners

Becoming a BetterCleans cleaning partner is a badge of honor for most local house cleaners in Milwaukee due to our stringent interview and screening process.

Finding Carpet Cleaning Services Near You

Not all house cleaning companies in Milwaukee have the expertise and experience to do carpet cleaning properly. Usually finding a cleaning service that suits your needs and budget involves countless phone calls and a messy trial-and-error process. Luckily, BetterCleans is here so you don’t have to do that. We’re a professional home cleaning referral agency that only works with vetted and qualified cleaning experts and caters to the following neighborhoods in the Milwaukee area:

Want to give BetterCleans cleaning services a try but can’t find your location on our list? No problem! Call us at (414) 215-9698. Our awesome customer service team will be happy to schedule a clean for you with one of our professional cleaning partners in your area.

 Book our carpet cleaning services in Milwaukee today!