All Areas

Standard Clean
Deep Clean
Moving Clean
Light Dusting.
The cleaners will wipe down and clean all accessible surfaces that are prone to collecting dust.
Sweep & Mop Floors.
Make all your flooring look great, whether it be wood, carpet, or tile.
Vacuum Carpets
All carpets in your home will be thoroughly vacuumed
Empty Bin(s)
All trash will be emptied and replaced with new bags if you inform your cleaner of the location of new bags.
Clean Mirrors
All dust, marks and spots on all mirrors will be eliminated.
Dust Window Sills
All window sills will be dusted throughout the home.
Baseboard & Corners Detail Cleaning
Your cleaning team will dust and/or use a microfiber cloth to wipe down exposed baseboards
Light Switches and Door Knobs
All your light switches and door knobs in your home will be disinfected.
Dust Furniture
Furniture will be dusted from top to bottom, and underneath of all accessible areas.
Spot Clean Walls
All marks or scuffs on walls will be removed.
Your doors will be dusted and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth.
Sanitize All Surfaces
All visible surfaces in your home will be deep cleaned and disinfected properly.
Extra Attention to Detail
The cleaner will tidy up random items lying around and organize some of your stuff.
Underneath Furniture (where possible)
The cleaner will sweep, vacuum, and mop areas under furniture that are often neglected.
Thorough Dusting
The cleaner will spend extra time and attention dusting off and wiping down all accessible surfaces, including furniture, lampshades, and shelving.


Standard Clean
Deep Clean
Moving Clean
Fridge (outside)
The outside of the fridge will be cleaned thoroughly.
The products your cleaning team will use are safe on marble and stone surfaces.
Remove any lingering stains and food buildup on your kitchen sink.
Grates, drip pans, and surface tops will be scrubbed with special non- scratch sponges.
Your dishes will be washed or loaded into your dishwasher.
Oven (outside)
The outside of the oven will be thoroughly cleaned.
Your microwave and microwave plate will be thoroughly cleaned
Dishwasher (outside)
Wipe clean the exterior parts of your dishwasher.
Stainless Steel
All stainless steel will be polished and made to shine
Clean Inside Kitchen Cabinets
If this is a Move In/Out, your cleaner will dispose of any trash or liners.


Standard Clean
Deep Clean
Moving Clean
All items on the counter will be wiped ( with a special product for marble & stone),
and place back in organized way.
Toilets will be scrubbed and cleaned while making sure the base is fully wiped.
Outsides Of Bathroom Cabinets
All cabinet surfaces will be wiped clean.
All sinks are cleaned using non-scratch tools and products for your fixtures.
Shower walls, doors, and floors are scrubbed clean.
Bath Tubs
Tubs will be scrubbed clean and adornments wiped.
No streaks and a perfect reflection of a high-quality service.
Clean Inside Bathroom Cabinets
If this is a Move In/Out clean, your cleaner will dispose of any trash or liners.


Standard Clean
Deep Clean
Moving Clean
Make Beds
Just leave the bed linens on top of each bed.
Table Tops
All furniture, TV’s, tables, all horizontal surfaces and clean glass table tops.
Clean Inside Bedroom Cabinets
Bedroom cabinets can get messy so your cleaner will organize them for you.

Living Spaces

Standard Clean
Moving Clean
Deep Clean
De-cluttered, cleaned and organised.
Cleaned thoroughly specifically depending on the flooring.

Add On services

Standard Clean
Moving Clean
Deep Clean
Clean Inside the Fridge
All expired items will be disposed of first, then remove racks and compartments removed to deep clean them and make them look great.
Clean Inside the Oven
Your cleaner will use special techniques and products to get the inside of your oven shining.
Clean Windows Inside
The cleaners will clean the inside of your windows. This includes the glass, window frame and window sill. The cleaners don’t clean the outside of windows at this time or window tracks, that can only be cleaned by opening the window. If you have glass doors, they will be included in the window charge.
$5 per item
$5 per item
$5 per item
Remove all dust from every blind in your home.
$5 per item
$5 per item
$5 per item
Ceiling Fans
Remove the dust from every blade of your ceiling fans.
$5 per item
$5 per item
$5 per item
Carpet Cleaning
Clean all of your carpets as part of your service.
$65 per room
$65 per room
$65 per room

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