How Often Should You Clean?


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Should I get house cleaning visits weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?

For hiring professional cleaning services, our customer know when and what they want cleaned, especially when they discover a ‘previous blog post link’. The challenge for our customer, is with how often they should have services completed on their properties. We hope to provide some advice below that can help our customers depending on what they need, what they want and how their budget can hold up.

The Everyday Clean

For a crazy-busy life, where you don’t even have time to do the basic tidying up at home. Then a daily residential cleaning service visit is the method that would best suit your needs.

Example of when this is especially helpful is when you have young children. For example, families who have recently welcomed a new addition to the family, can find it difficult to ensure everything is kept clean. Focusing on managing a new family member and adjusting to life with all the mess that comes with it is a tough challenge. As well as people in that position. Elderly folk who struggle with dexterity and mobility, will benefit from a housekeeping service that will remove clutter and can improve their quality of life. 

Our customers reach out to us for services like this that fit into their regular 9-5. We find that people are unlikely to request this style of service on the weekend or outside of ‘normal’ hours. It’s important to remember that frequency and cost increase in proportion with each other. Since the cleaning professional is required on a daily basis, this is a heavily discounted service.

Cleaning services conducted on a bathroom. Sparkling clean.
A sparkling clean bathroom. Cleanign services provided by BetterCleans

Weekly or bi-weekly

A bi-weekly or weekly schedule is best for families who want to live in a thoroughly clean home. Our customers like both of these options. They allow for regular service but are less expensive than a daily service.

Maximizing the cleaners time is crucial here. There is prep work that can be done before the cleaners come to your home. If the cleaner is hoovering and mopping, then you can remove clutter and clear spaces to speed up their process. If there are rooms to be prioritized, then you can clean the non-priority spaces yourself before they arrive.

Our customers expect a lot from our cleaners, and we deliver. You can expect a lot from them and this can be seen in our services page. Common examples are vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, emptying the trash, as well as cleaning the bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. If there is time left over, be polite and ask our cleaners to work on changing sheets or doing extra work with laundry.


Our customers like to stay on top of their cleaning schedules. Monthly services are something we complete for our customers but it is less often the case than weekly/bi-weekly cleans. This service suits customer who find themselves with enough time to clean on a weekly basis but that require that bit of extra help for deep clean or otherwise on a regular basis. Recycling at home can also help you to not let clutter build up and make cleaning easier.

The purpose of the monthly cleaning is to focus on tasks that you can’t/won’t face on a daily basis. This can include but is not limited to cleaning out the stove/oven, dealing with mold/mildew, clearing out the fridge or wiping down windows.

These tasks are less frequent than others. For that reason, the preparation time is lesser. In some cases, you may want to move the kitchen table so the floor can be mopped with vigor.


Occasional cleans are always great for unexpected circumstances or due to an occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas. When you’re preparing for a family banquet, it is going to be stressful. Now, think about if you didn’t have to do any cleaning before and/or after. That would be a much more peaceful scenario.

Avoiding all that stress and hassle is why residential cleaning services are a savior. This type of services usually has the longest duration, so it means you can sit back and relax with a drink while someone else cleans your home. The professionals do their work, while you choose your outfit, relax and start prepping for the cooking.

Regardless of frequency, we have the solution for your home!

Bettercleans are the best of the best. Our professionals are experts of their trade, they know how to make a house shine even if you don’t have the energy to do so. Allow us to come in and make your house the sparkling beauty that it can be! Call us today on 414-215-9698 🙂

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