Top Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

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Thanksgiving is one of the most festive times of the year. But it can be stressful, too, if you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for friends and the whole family. Sending the invites, planning the Thanksgiving food menu, shopping for all the ingredients, cooking the turkey and the stuffing, dressing up the dining room, and then there’s the long cleaning checklist you have to deal with after.

Imagine doing all the cleaning and then tackling the Thanksgiving cleanup yourself when everyone has left. No wonder most of our customers choose to reward themselves and book a professional home cleaning service in Milwaukee for the holidays. You can do that, too!

But if you’re keen on doing the dirty work yourself, we also got you covered. Here’s a complete Thanksgiving cleaning checklist from our expert house cleaners here at BetterCleans!

Pre- Thanksgiving Cleaning

Ideally, you can book our local maid services to give your home a thorough cleaning before the holidays. But, if you haven’t booked yet or prefer doing things on your own, you have to plan in advance how to deep clean and decorate your home for Thanksgiving dinner. Dedicate at least a couple of days to tick off everything from your cleaning checklist, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Here are some pro tips to get you started.

  • Declutter your fridge to make room for Thanksgiving food and leftovers.
  • Deep clean and organize your kitchen to make space for all the prepping and cooking that will take place.
  • Wash holiday table linens, such as placemats and napkins, that you plan to use for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • A day before Thanksgiving, put special plates, dishes, and silverware in the dishwasher to make sure they’re ready for use on the big day.
  • Make sure you have stocked fresh towels in the kitchen or in the bedroom for guests staying over.
  • Vacuum and dust every nook and cranny of the common areas, including ceiling fans and the coat closet.
  • Don’t forget to do or delegate outdoor chores to other family members if you plan to entertain on your patio or balcony with an alfresco table.
  • Wash microwavable plastic containers and reuse them for storing leftovers.
  • Have a trash bag ready in the kitchen and other high foot traffic areas.

After Thanksgiving Cleanup

The post-Thanksgiving cleaning checklist is understandably longer because the aftermath of any holiday requires a more intense deep cleaning.

  • Wipe and sanitize all surfaces, including the dinner table and kitchen countertop.
  • Wash all dishwasher-safe utensils and dishes in the washer.
  • Deep clean your oven using vinegar and baking soda after cooking the last meal.
  • Spot-treat grease stains on
  • Clean and pack away Thanksgiving decor and other holiday-themed items.

Make Thanksgiving Memories, Instead of Cleaning!

We love sharing cleaning tips with our readers and customers, but the easiest way to remove the bulk of the stress from Thanksgiving is to book a professional home cleaning with us!

BetterCleans offers premier maid services in Milwaukee. Unlike other house cleaning companies, we have a  100% customer satisfaction guarantee, an efficient online booking system giving you instant quotes, and professional home cleaning experts who are all bonded, insured, and background checked for your peace of mind. You’ll be happy you booked with BetterCleans.

Book a home cleaning in Milwaukee for Thanksgiving! 

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