Top Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips


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Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year but if you are hosting for dinner, it can be stressful. Sending the invites, gathering all of the food and ingredients, cooking the turkey and then the clean-up. Unfortunately, we can’t help with the turkey, but we can help with some key tips for cleaning up once everyone has left, Read on below to see some tips from the best Milwaukee cleaning services company!

Before Thanksgiving

As a local Milwaukee maid services company, we can help with the pre-holiday clean. But, if you have not booked yet, here are some top tips. Putting in some work and preparation a couple of days before Thanksgiving can have your home looking great, and can save you time on the clean-up once dinner is over.

  1. Start with some decluttering so the rooms feel clean and spacious. Take a linen basket or storage case and start picking up the non-essential items in the bedroom and kitchen that clutter up the rooms. With guests coming over, decluttering can make space but also can make the place look great.
  2. Many people have specific silverware, dishes and napkins used during Thanksgiving. Make sure you take these out of storage a couple of days in advance and give them a clean so they are ready to go on the big day.

After Thanksgiving

If you have not booked with BetterCleans, a local Milwaukee maid services company, then we recommend using some of the tips below. Make sure some of your guests remain on after dinner to help out. Teamwork is crucial. Ask for a volunteer for each of the following tasks!

  1. Wipe down all of the surfaces
  2. Sweep the kitchen and living room floors
  3. Pack up the leftovers in boxes and containers
  4. Load the dishwasher (Do not put your olive wood kitchenware in the dishwasher or leave in standing water.)
  5. Clean your olive wood utensils in warm water using a mild liquid dish detergent. Use a nylon scrubbing pad to remove all bits of food.

Give BetterCleans a Call

We love sharing cleaning tips with our readers and customers; but the easiest way to remove some of the stress from Thanksgiving is to book a clean with BetterCleans; a premier maid services company. Milwaukee cleaning services companies offer lots of cleaning services but BetterCleans is best! With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, online booking system giving you instant quotes and our excellent local cleaners, you will be happy you booked with BetterCleans.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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