BetterCleans Top Tips: Home Cleaners Near Me


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The BetterCleans maid service in Milwaukee offers standard and deep home cleaning services. If you are searching for “home cleaning services near me” or looking in Milwaukee for local cleaning companies, look no further than BetterCleans! If you have not had a chance to book our cleaning services yet, we wanted to share some top cleaning tips from our expert cleaners. Read below for more on this and we are proud to have recently hit a cleaning milestone with our 100th customer.

Starting the clean

Beginning the clean at home is often the toughest part. The mess and clutter starts to build up the task becomes more daunting as each day passes. BetterCleans recommends two random but effective strategies to kick-off the clean!

  1. What is your favorite tune? Press play and turn the volume up. This will give the clean some momentum!
  2. Put your shoes on! Yes, a random one, we know. But, we often associate putting our shoes on with starting our day, leaving the house and taking action on something. This will help with getting in the right mindset for the clean.

Where to begin

Okay, now you are ready to go. Where should you start cleaning?

Start with the areas in the home with the highest need. The kitchen and bathroom surfaces and living room are usually the parts of the house that get messier and dirtier faster than others. If you have limited time, start in these areas first so you feel like you can see results straight away!

Using cleaning solution effectively

We all have our favorite cleaning products! Are you using them properly? It seems like it is straightforward but very often, we do not use them as we should be. Do you often spray the cleaning solution directly on the kitchen or bathroom surface? Or maybe even the mirrors? This can help to leave smears or stains.

The most effective way to use these products is to apply them to the cloth first, and then clean. Then, once cleaned, use a dry cloth to remove any residual cleaning solution.

Look after the vacuum

Our vacuums make it easier to keep the house clean. They do amazing work but do we look after them properly? It is important to clean the filter on vacuums regularly. If not, the vacuum will accumulate dirt and dust and start to spew it back out around the home.

BetterCleans maid services

What is our number one tip? Save yourself some time and search home cleaning services near me. Click on BetterCleans and receive a quote and make a booking online in less than 60 seconds! We are one of the top cleaning companies in Milwaukee. Remember, search home cleaners near me and give us a call!

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