How should I use cleaning services around the holidays?


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Tools for cleaning at Christmas time

Christmas and New Year are a busy time of year for every family. How do you know when to best use a cleaning service around this time? The purpose of hiring a professional cleaning service for your home is to reduce the burden of chores around the holiday season, so that you can spend more time with your friends and family. If you find this article helpful, we recommend reading our cleaning tips around Thanksgiving time.

When should I clean my home over the holidays?

With all the family activity around this time of year, your home is bound to get dirty. For those of us without families, even just dragging snow into the house on our boots can we to the detriment of good house-keeping and maintaining a clean home. 

Likely there will be large gatherings, lots of food being cooked and great times with family and friends. Ideally, you want to clean up before they get there, keep things neat for when they’re in your home and then do a deep clean for after they leave.

If any children will be arriving to your home, it is likely that there will be food on the floor, wrapping paper from presents and even pine needles from the Christmas tree throughout the house. Sweeping, mopping and cleaning will all take time, we estimate that the average household will spend 10 – 20 hours cleaning over the Christmas period.

Cleaning Before the Holidays

We recommend a deep clean before Christmas. When you are going out to visit friends or family, you will be appreciative upon  return to a clean home. For those who are cooking for folks in their home, imagine having to peel potatoes, roast turkey and clean your entire house. You will have enough on your plate with just the food, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service in Milwaukee.

Cleaning During the Holidays

How do I maximize time with my friends and family, while minimizing cleaning time? We recommend utilizing a deep clean a few days beforehand and then a standard residential clean or perhaps even a cleaner at a favorable hourly rate to keep the house in tip top shape. During Christmas and New Year is a great time to use a professional maid service. We recommend getting a cleaning service to come in between Christmas Day and New Years eve. This way you are entering the new year on a high, with a neat and tidy home.

Some folks will go out to eat for Christmas in Milwaukee. For these folks, we recommend getting your home cleaned and keeping a welcome mat by the entrance to your house that will reduce snow trailed through the house. Coming in from a nice meal, always make sure to take your boots off by the front door and shake any snow off your jacket.

Cleaning After the Holidays

After the Christmas holidays we find ourselves to be exhausted. We’ve cooked, eaten and drank our fill and want to relax before going back to work. The last thing on our mind is cleaning the home. In some cases people will not clean and it is not a healthy mindset with which to enter the New Year. We recommend getting a residential cleaning service either before New Years eve or within the week after. Especially for a deep clean, this will reduce the amount of spring cleaning that you may need to do. Taking advantage of other service such as washing windows, laundry and cleaning out the fridge and oven can be helpful too.

The aim of getting a cleaning service into your home after the Christmas break is to reduce the burden as you enter the new year. Stay firm to your New Year resolutions with a clean and decluttered home, the best way to start the year!

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