Milwaukee Cleaning Services | Top Tips for Upholstery and Walls


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In the next of our “Top Tips” for cleaning blog series, we share some pointers on cleaning walls and upholstery. We also share some details how you can find and book the best Milwaukee cleaning services.

How to Effectively Clean Walls

A common question we hear from our customers is how to clean walls at home without damaging the paintwork. This is hugely important! No one wants to damage their paintwork at home and without doing some research beforehand, accidental damage can happen easily. Unlike cleaning bathroom surfaces, walls can be damaged easily. Deep clean maid services offered by BetterCleans include spot cleaning walls and we always make sure to use the correct method. Here are two tips to bear in mind; whether you are doing it yourself, or using cleaning companies.

  • For latex-based paint, some dish detergent or vinegar can be used; using the following options. Add a couple of drops of detergent, or a couple of tablespoons of of vinegar into half a bucket of water. Using a new sponge, drench it in the water mixture and gently clean the stains from the walls.
  • For oil-based paint, where stains can be trickier to remove; use a mild degreaser as-well as the vinegar or detergent solution. Do not use scrubbers, use a new sponge and apply a gentle amount of pressure to avoid damaging the paint.

As a local Milwaukee cleaning services company, we are happy to provide this spot cleaning service as part of a deep clean. If you are doing a DIY job, remember the above tips!

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Here are some top upholstery cleaning tips from Milwaukee’s best maid services company. As part of home cleaning services, we do not provide upholstery cleaning but are happy to discuss our tips in more detail. Just give us a call!

It probably won’t be as common as cleaning the bathroom surfaces , but cleaning upholstery is important to do on a semi-regular basis. Given it is difficult, we wanted to share some pointers to make the task a little easier. See below.

  • Cleaning code: Check out the tags on the upholstery first. These tags will usually provide the cleaning code, which can then provide instructions on the best cleaning options for that fabric. For example, “W”—Code W stands for ‘Water based cleaner’ and these are the easiest fabrics to clean.
  • Steam cleaner: By steaming the stains first, using a dedicated steam cleaner can loosen the stain first and makes the job easier.

Home Cleaning Services Near Me

Searching for a local cleaning company to take the job off your hands so you have more time to do the things you love?

BetterCleans is a local Milwaukee maid services company with expert local cleaners. You can receive a quote and book a clean for your home in less than 60 seconds on our website,

Feel free to give us a call if you any questions!


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