Everyone wants a clean home, not just people in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We aim to offer the best cleaning services in town. We empathize with our customers and citizens of our city that find it hard to maintain a clean home.

As a market leader in Milwaukee, we are always interested in customer feedback. We like to provide practical advice to maintain a clean home, as a compliment to our professional cleaning services.

Get home from work, tired as hell and welcomed by screaming kids and have to clean the house? We know this situation too well. We have to keep our chin up, focus on how much better we’ll feel if we can just clean that counter and do that 20 minutes of mopping before dinner. If you have us on your side, we promise that you will feel cleaner than ever.

How do I keep my house tidy before the cleaners’ next visit?

This is the million dollar question. You MUST focus on keeping your house tidy in-between cleaning visits. There are so many simple tricks. Don’t keep personal items in the living space. Fold your work clothes and put them away when you come in.

Also, think about clutter. What do you have in your house right now that you can throw out? Maybe there are old clothes, a tired saucepan you got for your wedding 30 years ago. It’s time to get rid of those artifacts and make a start on your new life in your clean home.

Focus on the psychology of house cleaning

A huge part of being clean is how you think about ‘clean’. What does it mean to you? Are you into the aesthetics of a clean house, or do you like the smell of a fresh space. A lot of people are in the same boat as you. To these people, we say focus on the psychology of clean.

How much better will I feel if my house is neat and tidy? How much better will my guests think of me? These are thoughts people have when they’re focused on their cleaning. We also think that you can focus on keeping things tidy when you’re cooking or working. This can include a ‘clean as you go mentality’. Cleaning up that chocolate cake mess can make a big difference when it comes to keeping a clean house! 

Include house cleaning in your routine activities

A professional service can be very helpful, but you also need to keep it clean yourself. We think this point ties into our last advice about psychology. A lot of it is about how you think about clean!

You only have yourself to hold accountable

Don’t hang around hoping that someone is going to do your chores for you. It is your responsibility and you can do it now! Ask those around you to help. Try and making cleaning a regular chore. It will make your life easier.

Hire Milwaukee’s best cleaning professionals

Here is where we come in. Did you know that most of our customers find us by googling when they are at their wits end? We find that most of our customers say things like ‘I need cleaning services near me’ or ‘I need maids near me’. Look at the phrasing, need! If your place is dirty or you’re not happy with how it looks, then you are in the right place. BetterCleans cleaning partners have a fantastic track record of providing house cleaning services in Milwaukee. Give us a call or talk to us online, we can help you out!

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