How to Get the Most Out of a Professional Home Cleaning Service

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Professional home cleaning is one of the most convenient services you can book online or over the phone. It comes with incredible benefits that can make your life easier and more comfortable. For example, you can schedule a cleaning as a one-off whenever you feel overwhelmed at work or personal life or as a recurring cleaning service as part of your regular home maintenance. And if you’re wondering how to get the best bang for your buck or get the best cleaning possible every time you book a professional house cleaning service, here are some practical tips to remember.

1. Declutter 

Cleaning and decluttering are two separate things. The latter is more in-depth and frequently requires ample time and focus. While professional cleaners can organize and tidy up a bit, decluttering (let’s say, your closet or kitchen pantry) is more of a personal project since you can’t expect them to know what to keep or toss instinctively. 

We recommend decluttering first and then booking a deep cleaning service to magnify the effects of your efforts. Or walk around the house and pick up personal stuff or random items lying on the floor or surfaces before the cleaners arrive. It’s an effective strategy to help them focus on more important cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, mopping, or wiping down baseboards and corner details

2. Keep Pets and Kids Out of The Way 

Part of good house cleaner etiquette is securing your pets in their crate or a different room while the home cleaning service is ongoing. Sometimes, naughty pets can leave tracks and messes, making the job twice longer. They can also distract some cleaners, especially if you have a furry pet who can’t get enough belly rubs and neck scratches. In addition, it’s also a health and safety risk if you get sent a cleaner who’s allergic or has a particular phobia of animals. Some pets can also be aggressively territorial when they see someone in their home for the first time. 

On the other hand, chemical-based household cleaning products may also be toxic to pets, especially when ingested. The same thing goes for children. While cleaning with kids may be fun and exciting for you, it can be a different story for cleaning professionals who are working on a tight deadline. Therefore, we highly recommend keeping them busy in a different room or taking them on a walk around the neighborhood or to the nearest park while getting your house cleaned.

3. Take Care of the Dirty Dishes

Unless otherwise specified and agreed upon during your booking request, most professional home cleaning services do not include washing dirty dishes. Clear the dirty dishes in the sink at least an hour before your house cleaning appointment. When the pro cleaner comes in, they can devote their time to vigorously scrubbing and cleaning your sink, countertops, and other grimy surfaces in your kitchen.

4. Remove Fragile Items for Safekeeping

While cleaning professionals are careful when they work, accidents can happen. It’s advisable to secure highly breakable or valuable pieces in advance to prevent any untoward incidents—for example, antique ceramic vases, lamps, or sculptures. Doing so can also make their work faster and more efficient since they no longer have to tip-toe around these delicate objects. 

5. Communicate Your Cleaning Needs Clearly 

Sometimes, customers’ unhappiness with their home cleaning experience results from miscommunication. For example, expecting the cleaner to deep clean something that wasn’t a part of the standard cleaning service or to use a product that was not requested during the booking process. To prevent this from happening, don’t hesitate to ask questions or communicate requests before scheduling a professional home cleaning service. For example, specify which parts of your home need the most attention from expert cleaning.

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