How to Develop Good Cleaning Habits

Woman and children cleaning

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It’s the start of a brand new year, and you are probably pumped to create resolutions that’ll eventually pave the way for you to have better days ahead. Usually, most people would promise to make more effort to keep their homes immaculate this year. But how do you keep this promise all year round when you don’t like cleaning, have a super hectic schedule, or have a large household with young children who need help cleaning up after themselves? Here’s where developing simple but effective good cleaning habits can save the day.

Turn Major Cleaning Projects Into Small Actionable Steps

Often, the top reason why you probably hate cleaning is that it seems overwhelming and time-consuming. As a result, you procrastinate on decluttering your attic or cleaning the kitchen. Understandably, we live super busy lives, and it can be impossible to find the time, energy, and motivation to squeeze in a regular two-day spring cleaning without vowing never to do it again.

So what can you do? Form good cleaning habits by breaking down dreadful cleaning tasks into simple five-minute cleaning hacks that you can do every day or whenever you can. Here are some examples.

  • Use baking soda to clean your sink after washing the dishes at least twice a week.
  • Vacuum one room or area of your home every morning.
  • Wipe the kitchen counters and get rid of eyesores—empty cereal cartons, milk jugs, or dirty dishes— every night before bed. Oh, what a wonderful feeling to wake up to a clean kitchen in the morning!
  • Gather dirty clothes, do one laundry load every day, and then don’t forget to fold.
  • Clear unnecessary clutter from your entryway.
  • Make the bed every morning to keep your bedroom nice and tidy.
  • Empty garbage bins and throw trash every single day.

Involve All Family Members 

Sticking to your good cleaning habits can be frustrating when everyone’s trying to mess things up for you literally. When you’re not on the same page, it can be a source of argument or resentment that can seriously affect your relationships. Instead of waiting for it to take a toll on your emotions, inform your family members about your desire for a more organized home and let them know how they can help. Give them their own cleaning responsibilities. Here are some examples. 

Acknowledge and Reward Progress 

Make habit forming a success by giving yourself or family members who do their cleaning assignments a well-deserved treat. Did you manage to keep your home clean and organized for the whole week? Go ahead and take yourself on a date at Mitchell Park Conservatory or bring the kids to a fun weekend at the Milwaukee Zoo. Even a delicious ice cream, desserts, or pizza treat will do!

Combine Good Cleaning Habits with The Help of The Best Home Cleaners!

Accept that every once in a while, when your schedule becomes busier than usual, or something unexpected beyond your control happens —for example, you or a family member get sick, throw a party during your busiest season at work, or move houses last minute — you’ll struggle to stick to your cleaning routine and keep your home nice and tidy. 

But hey, that’s what BetterCleans is for! There is no shame in asking for help whenever the going gets tough. Hire reliable, professional home cleaners to clean your place whenever you’re pressed for time or need a break from all the vacuuming and scrubbing. It’s also a smart strategy to prevent the mess from worsening. Plus, it’ll make it easier to stick to good cleaning habits. Because sometimes you can feel demotivated or see the effort as pointless when your place becomes a dump.

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