Cleaning with Kids: How to Keep It Fun and Exciting

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Sometimes home cleaning can be cumbersome, not to mention a futile endeavor when you have little children who love making a mess when they play, eat, study, or do anything under the sun. But why do it alone when you can get them involved?

According to a study by the University of Minnesota, giving children age-appropriate responsibilities at home can help develop their confidence, independence, and sense of responsibility. In addition, teaching them how to clean up after themselves is also an excellent compromise and will possibly end your career as a notorious “no” parent.

So, how do you make cleaning with kids possible regularly and not a one-time thing? Check out this blog for pro tips from Milwaukee’s best local house cleaners on how to motivate kids to help with cleaning.

Get kids-sized cleaning supplies 

Kids are fascinated by the world of adults. They love following you around, shadowing, and copying everything you do. So take inspiration from toy kitchen and tea sets and get your kids a cute little apron, broom, duster, and bucket. They’ll be thrilled to see and use them right away. 

Turn on upbeat music 

Make cleaning extra fun and exciting not only for your little one but also for you by putting on some dance-able tunes. It’s an incredibly effective way to put them in a positive and energetic mood and make household chores a delightful experience. Let them groove while sweeping the floor or dusting off some furniture. Of course, you have to show them how it’s done, so be ready to bust off some moves.

Don’t use cleaning as a punishment 

When kids are in trouble, most parents usually take away a privilege, like TV or iPad time, and ask them to sweep the yard or wash the dishes. Making them clean whenever they misbehave will reinforce the idea that it’s a dreadful activity they don’t ever want to do.

Keep it short and simple 

Be realistic and make sure you’re only giving your kids age-appropriate cleaning tasks. Unless you have teenagers, do not let them get bogged down with elaborate chores that would take hours to complete. For instance, decluttering can be too complicated for them without your help. Instead, stick with simple cleaning tasks. 

Here are some examples for preschoolers (4 to 5 years old)

  • Making their bed unsupervised
  • Picking out and putting their toys away
  • Cleaning baseboards with a sock or rug in their hands
  • Helping an older sibling load the dishwasher
  • Using a handheld vacuum cleaner 
  • Mop some areas around the house 
  • Wipe minor spills

Set the timer!

Racing against the clock instantly turns house cleaning into a game your kids would go crazy about. It’s the perfect trick for picking up toys and putting them in the bin or sorting whites and colored clothing for laundry. If you have at least two young children at home, you can turn it into a contest and see who’s the fastest at cleaning chores. 

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