10 Uses of Vinegar for Home Cleaning 

white vinegar

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Most commercial and chemical-based cleaning products contain harsh ingredients that are harmful to the environment and your health and can also be too abrasive and potentially damaging to certain materials and finishes. If you’re conscious about chemical exposure or want to cut costs and live more sustainably, you can switch to and create eco-friendly household cleaners using natural ingredients like vinegar.

As Kitchn explains, vinegar is an incredibly efficient, all-around cleaning solution with mild acetic properties. We asked our top-notch house cleaners in Milwaukee about their favorite uses of vinegar for home cleaning. Check out the rest of this blog for their answers!

1. Cleaning Glass Windows and Doors 

Mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar with water and a quarter of 70% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray it on glass windows and doors. Use a squeegee or a crumpled newspaper to dry and buff. Aside from glass, vinegar is also an effective cleaner for mirrors.

2. Deep Clean Microwave Oven

Follow these steps to deep clean your microwave using vinegar.

  • Combine equal parts of vinegar and water in a microwaveable bowl. 
  • Turn the microwave to medium-high for at least five minutes. It will create steam that will melt or loosen up crusted food debris on the walls of your microwave.
  • Wipe with a clean, damp cloth followed, and dry with paper towels after.

3. Use Vinegar to Clean and Mop Floors 

Floor cleaning products may contain harsh chemical ingredients that may harm your pets or curious babies starting to crawl. Our house cleaners suggest adding a cup of vinegar and liquid dish soap to a bucket of water. Feel free to add tea tree oil for extra antibacterial properties. Dip your mop and wash your floors using this vinegar-based cleaning solution to clean stubborn stains and grease.

4. Cleaning Glass Cooktop

A quick spray of vinegar cleaner can remove sticky spills, caked-up food residue, and film of grease on the stove’s surface. Wet the surface of your cooktop with it. Leave it for five minutes, then scrub gently with a soft sponge. Wipe dry with a clean rag.

5. Deep Clean Kitchen Sink with Vinegar 

​​Sprinkle baking soda powder all over your kitchen sink. Spray vinegar and let it fizz. Scrub grooves with an old toothbrush and a non-abrasive sponge. Run tap water to rinse and wipe dry immediately to prevent hard water stains. Vinegar is safe in deep cleaning stainless and ceramic kitchen sinks but not in brass or stone.

6. Deep Clean Shower Head

Remove grime and mineral deposits lodged in your shower head. Here’s how to deep clean a shower head with vinegar:

  • Fill a plastic bag with pure distilled vinegar enough to submerge the shower head nozzles. Leave it overnight or at least two hours. 
  • Run a hot shower to flush out blockages. Inspect nozzles where water is still not flowing correctly. Remove with a toothpick or scrub with an old toothbrush.

7. Clean Kettle and Coffeemaker 

Kettle and coffeemakers are prone to limescale buildup. Boil vinegar and water directly in the reservoir to instantly melt deposits away. Rinse and boil water repeatedly until there’s no more vinegar taste and smell. 

8. Deep Clean Dishwasher

Here’s another example of practical uses of vinegar for home cleaning. If your plates and glasses come out smelling bad or with a film of slime, you need to deep clean your dishwasher ASAP! Fill a dishwasher-safe bowl with white vinegar and put it at the bottom. Run an empty load on a hot water cycle. The vinegar will break down soap scum, mineral deposits, and food debris stuck inside the dishwasher.

9.  Clean and Sanitize Countertops

Woman spraying vinegar cleaning solution on kitchen countertop.

Spraying vinegar cleaning solution is also a quick and easy way to sanitize and neutralize unpleasant odors from food lingering on chopping boards and kitchen countertops. However, do not use vinegar on granite or marble, which can strip its glossy finish; use a natural stone cleaner instead. 

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10. Use Vinegar as a Natural Bleach Fabric Softener

Use distilled white vinegar to spot-treat stained fabrics and remove nasty odors in your laundry, especially pet beds and blankets. Nevertheless, we do not recommend using vinegar on dark-colored clothing, which may cause discoloration.

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