10 Uses of Vinegar for Home Cleaning 

white vinegar

Most commercial and chemical-based cleaning products contain harsh ingredients that are harmful to the environment and your health and can also be too abrasive and potentially damaging to certain materials and finishes. If you’re conscious about chemical exposure or want to cut costs and live more sustainably, you can switch to and create eco-friendly household […]

How to Keep the Home Smelling Fresh When You Have Pets

Woman reading a book

Keeping your home from smelling like a kennel requires serious work. Contrary to the common notion, spraying perfumed air fresheners or diffusing essential oils can be of little to no help. They are only a quick fix that masks pungent pet odors or makes it worse because of chemicals mixing in with the stench. Cleaning […]

How to Clean Shower Head Like a Pro

A clean bathtub

Is water from your shower reduced to a disappointing trickle instead of delivering a powerful stream like it used to? Poor water flow or pressure typically happens to shower heads due to the accumulation of mineral deposits that clog the nozzles, particularly if you have hard water in your area. It doesn’t mean you have […]