Bedroom Cleaning Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Mother and child on a bed.

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Are you having trouble getting a good night’s sleep lately? Well, your bedroom might benefit from a deep cleaning.

According to experts, our environment plays a pivotal role not only in how quickly you fall fast asleep but also in the overall quality of your sleep health. Everything from temperature, lighting, or even how clean or cluttered your bedroom is can contribute to why you keep tossing and turning in bed or sleep lightly and have interrupted sleep patterns.

Bedroom Cleaning Tips 

Below are some of our favorite bedroom cleaning tips to ensure a restful night ahead from our best home cleaning professionals in Milwaukee.

Declutter and organize

Your bedroom should only be a sleep sanctuary. Remove all clutter and distractions from your room, including TV and other electronics. Make it a habit every night to clear eyesores and random stuff, like dirty clothes lying around the floor or on top of your bed. Put them in a basket for sorting the next day. It’s a clever strategy that cleans the space visually and helps you stay on top of clutter.

Wash and replace beddings at least twice a month

Beddings can be a hotbed for dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and mildew when they’re not properly washed regularly. These things have long been established as triggers for allergic rhinitis, asthma, skin conditions, and acne breakouts, which can affect not only how you sleep at night but your overall quality of life.

As part of your bedroom cleaning checklist, our professional house cleaners recommend washing your bed linens at least twice a month and changing your pillowcases weekly. 

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Interestingly, the National Sleep Foundation’s survey reveals that seven in 10 people sleep better when their beds have newly cleaned sheets with a fresh scent. You can do this by using a fabric conditioner or adding a cup of white vinegar to your final rinse. 

Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors

Dust, debris, and pet dander can accumulate on carpets and floors, especially under the bed and other furniture. Sweep or vacuum and mop with water and mild detergent at least once a week. Aside from keeping you from sneezing due to allergies, vacuuming and mopping the floors regularly can also deter critters from taking over your room and spreading nasty germs and bacteria.

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