Top 7 Ways to Elevate Your Dining Room Decor

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As the pandemic begins to recede, we’re all longing for the days when we could freely entertain friends and family in our dining rooms. Though it may take a few more months for that to happen, there’s never been a better time to update your dining room décor: With few guests to worry about right now, you can focus on rearranging and revamping your dining area to your heart’s content. Home improvement projects are also a great way to pass the time, stay productive, and prepare for the future with hope and optimism.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven easy, affordable ways to make your dining room a more inviting place. And, if you’d like to devote all your energy to redecorating, our maids in Milwaukee will happily handle housekeeping for you while you update your home. We have all the necessary cleaning tools to help make your home look beautiful.

7 Dining Room Decor Tips to Fit Any Budget

1. Add a splash of color to your dining room walls.

Dining rooms should feel warm and welcoming while still being light and airy and much like the entryway to your home, it is one of the things guests eye’s are really drawn to when visiting. If your dining room walls are a plain white or beige shade, consider repainting them mint green, pale yellow, or sky blue. These hues will brighten up the space without taking attention away from your dining room’s focal points (i.e., the dining table and the meals you serve there). Alternately, if you want to make a bolder statement, consider pairing a darker, more moody hue (such as teal) on the walls with bright white baseboards and molding.

2. Upgrade your dining table, if necessary.

Crowding multiple guests around a small table does more than ruin the presentation of a meal – It can also stifle conversation and increase the risk of spills and broken glassware. If you plan to entertain large groups once the pandemic is over, make sure your dining table is sized to accommodate them: As a general rule, a dining table for a family of four should be at least 42 inches long, and tables intended for 6-8 guests should be at least 72 inches long. (If your dining room isn’t big enough to comfortably accommodate the size of table you need, choose a model with extendable table leaves.)

3. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles, as long as they complement one another.

Gone are the days when dining room furniture all had to match perfectly. Today, many people choose to make their dining area more unique by blending complementary colors, patterns, and styles. Get creative by pairing matching middle chairs with two striking “captain” chairs at the ends of your dining room table, for example, or choose chairs with different cushion colors or patterns. If you aren’t sure how to select patterns and styles that will flatter each other, consult a friend or family member with a background in art or design. Planning your new dining room décor over Zoom or Skype is a great way to socialize safely while building enthusiasm for your project.

4. Brighten up your dining room with an area rug.

Once you’ve chosen your wall colors and dining room furniture, look for an area rug that will accent and define your dining space. To ensure your rug doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your décor, select a rug with an intricate pattern only if your furniture and walls are solid colors. If your dining room already incorporates multiple colors and textures, opt for a rug that has a single color or a simple pattern in neutral tones.

Sizing and material are also important considerations when choosing a rug. Ideally, your rug should allow for about two feet of extra carpet space around your dining room table, and it should be made from an easy-to-clean material, like wool or hair-on-hide.

To keep your area rug clean and hygienic, vacuum it frequently and have it professionally cleaned either once or twice a year, depending on how heavily it’s used. Our cleaners use specialized hot water extraction technology to kill allergens and bacteria in rugs and carpets without leaving excess moisture behind.

5. Introduce some greenery.

Studies show that houseplants can boost our mood and reduce stress hormone levels, making them a great addition to social areas of the house. To give your dining room an elegant atmosphere, consider adding indoor plants often found in restaurants, like ferns, ZZ plants, and snake plants. Not only do these plants add a splash of color and texture to dining areas, they thrive in low light conditions, which is ideal for dining rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight.

6. Choose a statement piece.

In most dining rooms, a central light fixture (usually a chandelier) serves as a focal point for the room. If this is the case in your home, look for a chandelier that matches the style of your dining room table; i.e., if your table is modern, your chandelier should be contemporary, too. If you’re going for an elegant, classic look, choose a traditional candle or crystal chandelier to match. In dining rooms that lack a central light fixture, installing an accent wall, gallery wall, or large art piece is a great way to tie the room together.

7. Make a plan to prevent clutter.

As a high-use area of the home, dining rooms are particularly susceptible to becoming cluttered. To prevent your new décor from being obscured by mess, start by decluttering your home; then, create an organization system to handle junk mail, paperwork, outerwear, and other items that typically get dropped on the dining room table.

Keep Your Dining Room Beautiful with BetterCleans Cleaning Service

Though ambitious home improvement projects can be a lot of fun, cleaning up after them usually isn’t. If you need help tidying up after redecorating your dining room – or you want to free up more time for entertaining your future guests – our affordable residential cleaning services in Milwaukee might be right for you. Contact us today to discover how we can keep your dining room (and the rest of your home) fresh, clean, and beautiful so you never have to worry about last-minute guests.

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